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Do you have something to say, a business, a Church or organization that you need to get a press release out for and just can't afford it? Do you have a blog or article that you want to share with a national or local audience? Well you've come to the right place. Christian News Flash allows you to create free news articles, press releases, op-Ed's, and opinionated Blogs.

Local Articles
Have an event, play, musical or bible study going on at church? Create an article and select the "Local" category. When site visitors come to Christian News Flash from your home city or town, your article or press release will show up.

Site Viewership
Christian News Flash currently has around 5000 visitors a month and were growing. By placing your article or press release on our site, you'll increase your message visibility across the web!

Search Engine Optimization
Increase your organization’s presence on the web, by placing an article or press release on our site. When doing so, you will increase back links and traffic back to your site.

News Community
Christian News Flash wants to build a community of believers that have a passion for Christ and news. We are looking for individuals who have a interest in writing and sharing their thoughts on news and events that impact Christians here and around the world. Come help us build that community!

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