Unspeakable evil continues to plague India. Where are all the baby girls?


A Yahoo and ABC special documents on an what seems to be an unshakeable evil that continues to plague India. Abortion is the number one cause of the death of women in India. Women who never even make it in to our world are killed simply because of the fact that they are not considered favored and a burden to Indian society.

The documentary states that an estimate of nearly 50,000 baby girls are aborted every month. Ultra sound machines are used a weapons and big business to determine weather a baby in the womb is a girl. If so, rogue doctors perform abortions or induce labor to bring about miscarriages.

Please Watch these eye opening Videos about the why an estimated 40 million girls have gone "missing" in India.

Please Pray for India. Please Pray that a revival will take place for Jesus and break the shackles that satan has hold on this country.

Part 1: Why an estimated 40 million girls have gone "missing" in India.


Part 2: Illegal Gender Selection


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