How About the Whole Truth? - For a Change!

Heads up, Saints! We are witnessing the most insidious and damning scam ever inflicted on Gods' Church - another of Satan's original and ongoing deceptions. So many, but thank God not all of our highly esteemed preachers and teachers are rejecting and ignoring many of Jesus' teachings and prophesies. If they don't understand and believe everything Jesus said, how could they understand and believe anything He said? They don't .. neither can they! (1 Cor. 2:13-14)

As truth-hungry Christians we must know our God better: What He is all about and how He sees and loves us ALL - in addition to exploring and exposing the devils' nitty-gritty rotton-to-the-core underbelly - including many observations noticed around Christendom .. the Christian Church at large

With a thirty-year technical background at NASA that included technical writing, I have made a crossover to spiritual matters  With over twenty-five years of Church attendance linked to listening to countless TV teachers, preachers and evangelists, one thing jumped out at me: The consistent disparity regarding just mentioned teachings and prophesies of our Lord Jesus Christ

Frustrated, knowing God wants ALL people to know ALL the "Good News", I sensed a dire need for clarification; someone to preach an 'eye-opener' - in love, of course (tough love)  However, a word of caution: Gods' ABSOLUTE truth has always caused offense and division

In this regard, 'Crosswise Press' is spreading the Word with 'Truth Denied - Church Deprived. The e-book and sample chapters can be seen online at the major outlets. This information should be in the hands of every real Christian

You can make a difference! - Spread the word and help bring in the love and truth-hungry harvest - and grow Gods' Church with this inspirational e-book.

I pray a double portion of Gods' blessings on you, your family, and congregation.

HH Roberts, Jr



Keywords: The WHOLE Truth - NOTHING OMITTED!

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