Skeptics once again try to explain away the Flood


A recent discovery in Chile shows a graveyard of Whale bones and numerous other sea life in a desert 1/2 mile away from the closest ocean. This discovery is just more evidence of the Biblical account of the flood.

Scientists try to explain away the discovery, by using excuses such as:  "Maybe the area was once a lagoon and it dried up, maybe there was a giant wave that flung the whales onto shore, or maybe a giant earthquake sealed them off."

What the scientists fail to point out is that the desert that the bones are located at, are in the driest part of the world, where water has never known to dwell.  Also, the bones are very close together, which indicates that they could of all died suddenly.

Once again further evidence has been provided for the Flood in Genesis ch 6-9, yet skeptics refuse to believe. 

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