Press Release: The Brown decision: God has the final word.


Press Release:
Sacramento, CA
The Brown Decision – God Has the Final Word

Unites States National Prayer Council

Sacramento, CA – The Brown Decision – God has the Final Word

One day ago, the grand jury in the Michael Brown shooting case in Ferguson, Missouri gave a “no indictment” decision for the police officer who carried out the shooting. This means there was compelling evidence that the officer that shot in self-defense will not face charges for the crime of manslaughter.

The cries and protests for justice by many are heard all over the nation – including California, Kentucky and as far as Asia. Rioting and looting are ensuing, and businesses continue to suffer, and close due to widespread property damage.

The rioting and protesting is the answer for most from an oppressed people - looking for a reason to express their severe frustration with the government and its practices.

This is their answer, but is it God’s? Is God pleased with this? Please continue to pray for the families of the officer, the Browns and this nation! It is not God’s will that we continue in the way of lawlessness, but trust in the living God who is just and true in all His ways.
We must address in prayer together the problem of racism that still exists in our nation.

“Let us therefore come bold unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.” Hebrews 4:16

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