New Tool to Resolve Emotional Issues on Your Own Simply and Effectively


Rod Peeks announces an on-line course, Finding Personal Peace, that anybody from youth to seniors can use effectively to address most emotional issues they face. It's interactive, multimedia, private,and painless approach helps the user break bad emotional habits and creates new habits of peace. 

Birmingham,AL (ChristianNewsFlash) June 16, 2013 – Most people have emotional issues and most handle them effectively. Those who can't suffer effects ranging from mildly irritating to totally debilitating. Traditional help is expensive and can be painful as victims are asked to relive the events causing them pain in order to resolve them;and often requires medications. 

“I [enrolled] in your plan after a particularly stressful day at work during which my reaction to the stress was anger. I looked on-line to find a connection. Why was I angry? Was that normal? I found your program.Now I'm not angry. I don't give the thought a chance to go anywhere,” says KM,a recent student.

Another user, KF, says, “Throughout my childhood I was completely intimidated by other family members. They made me feel worthless.This carried over into my adult and married life. Every time I thought about what had happened years ago, I started feeling inferior and worthless again.When I learned that I didn't have to let those thoughts control me, it was like a breath of fresh air and soft gentle breeze in my life.”

Parents can learn this concept and teach it to children as young as 5 or 6 helping them to avoid many childhood emotional traumas that haunt many adults for life.

The course uses an idea espoused by St. Paul (II Corinthians 10:5), Confucius,and many philosophers throughout the centuries – that is, one does not have to let one's thoughts control him.

Students are not asked any personal questions; are not asked to relive any painful events; and take the course in the privacy of their personal computer, iPad or smart phone. They are shown the entire concept in the first lesson so they can start to experience peace the first day. The remaining six lessons explain how it works; shows how it can be applied to most issues,including bad habits; and leads the student through simple processes that are always helpful and necessary to break bad habits and create new habits.

The program makes no promises of success, but does offer a full refund to any who take the course as directed and feel they got no benefit from it.

To learn more about Finding Personal Peace, visit

Rod Peeks has been computer consulting with small business across Alabama since 1978 through is business, Rod Peeks & Associates, Inc. Upon his retirement, he developed Finding Personal Peace after the concept had helped him so much with a personal anger issue.

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