Never buy another raffle ticket or stale bake sale item again. Legacy Bible Game is poised to be next big Christian fundraiser.




Never buy another raffle ticket or stale bake sale item again.

Legacy Bible Game is poised to be next big Christian fundraiser!

Cleveland, OH - January 12, 20015

Brother and sister invent groundbreaking Christian game.

Scratch Off Works, LLC has announced the immediate availability of Legacy Bible Game, a Bible-based card game that is an exciting and effective fundraiser for churches, nonprofits, schools, and Christian organizations. Legacy is played by making connections between the cards in your hands and the ones that are played.  What do they have in common: did the people have the same traits, overcome similar obstacles, were they both influenced by a miracle?  Be as logical, creative, and strategic as you can. The first person who plays all their cards and makes the most connections, wins. 

“We came up with this game because so many people are leaving the church today,” said Chrys Kozak, Legacy Bible Game co-founder.  “Looking around at what’s going on in the world right now, coming up with a way to bring God back into people’s lives in a way they could relate to, was important to us.  By playing a game and having fun while you’re learning the Bible, it’s an unbeatable combination for all ages.”

Her brother Jim added “Legacy will revive church membership and change communities.  We offer the games at a discount for fundraisers. Not only is the profit margin higher with our games versus other fundraising options, but selling Legacy instead of a candy bar or raffle ticket is more beneficial to the people.  It’s something that will last for years and can be shared with their family and friends.  Legacy spreads Christ’s message long after that candy bar would’ve been eaten and forgotten.”

• 7 categories and 500 cards, so it’s never the same game twice!
• Ages: 10+, Players: 1-8, Game Time: 45 minutes
• Categories: Old Testament People, New Testament People, Miracles, Events, Artifacts and Symbols, Places, and Call to Action
• The Call to Action cards are what sets Legacy apart from other Christian games! They ask pointed questions that encourage you to think about your beliefs, start an open dialogue with the group that’s playing, and help put Scripture into context in today’s world. These cards let you explore your faith. The conversations they inspire within the group will be conversations you’ll be thinking and talking about days later.

Pricing and availability
Legacy is available on for $25/game with free shipping in the USA. Games can also be purchased on Discounts begin at 10 games at  Prices drop to $17.50/game if you’re ordering 50+ games for a fundraiser.  For mega churches and national fundraisers, there is special pricing available with steeper discounts for large quantities. There are also customization options starting at 50 games where your organization’s name, logo, and website can be printed onto the backs of the cards.

About Legacy Bible Game
Legacy Bible Game was created by a brother and sister team, Chrys and Jim Kozak in Cleveland, Ohio. It is manufactured in the USA by their company Scratch Off Works, LLC, a boutique printing company that designs and produces printed and digital promotions for companies including Disney, QVC, Whole Foods, Goodwill, DIRECTV, and Marriott.

Press Contact
Direct all press enquiries, including interview requests, product reviews, images and quotes to

Chrys Kozak, Co-Founder, Legacy Bible Game
Phone: 440-333-4302 • Email:


50-Word Release
Introducing Legacy Bible Game, a new Bible-based card game that is an effective fundraiser for churches, schools, and Christian organizations that positively impacts the community long after the fundraiser is over. Available for $25.00 and free shipping. Discounts available starting at 10 games, find out more at

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