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Arcane Aphorism
A Non-Denominational Ministry
This Historically Unprecedented End times Press Release
Release Date: Immediately
Contact: Ambassador C. Edward Bull
General Delivery
Columbia, SC 29202


It has been said that history repeats itself. This is certainly true in regard to the development of our positive human potential. In every generation there are uniquely gifted, dedicated, and persistent individuals who may not be aware of the fact that they are divinely gifted and inspired by God to commit themselves to achieving something that no one else has been able to do. They are motivated by the euphoric inspiration from receiving divine revelations which leads them to developing or discovering something of great significance for the benefit of all humanity.
A few great historical examples of these unique individuals and the world wide industry they initiated are : the Wright Brothers and the airplane, Henry Ford and automobiles, Benjamin Franklin and electricity, Thomas Edison and the light bulb and the individuals who invented the radio, telephone, camera, television, computers, and all the great medical treatments that have been developed.
The individual who God has called and chosen this time to communicate this great divine humanitarian blessing through is: Ambassador C. Edward Bull. The unique “Non-Denominational Ministry” that Ambassador Bull has been inspired by God to create is called “Arcane Aphorism”.
The historically unprecedented blessing that this ministry will receive from God and communicate to humanity is a very special book. This book is special because it was written by the Holy Spirit, and it will communicate the Divine Revelation Of Spiritual Discernment and “Wisdom” to “Understand” many of the great Biblical Mysteries about human nature that are hidden in the Holy Word. This Biblical Wisdom, Understanding and Spiritual Discernment is part of the hidden treasures that are referred to in … Colossians 2:2-3 … and according to … Proverbs 2:1-12 … and Proverbs 3:13-15 … they are more precious than gold, silver, and rubies.
The Holy Spirit has communicated these “Divine Revelations of Spiritual Discernment, Wisdom and Understanding to the church of Lord Jesus Christ, in this very extraordinary book that He has written entitled: “ The Loving Intuitive Light Of Truth, Of Liberty, And Spiritual Discernment.
In accordance with … Joel 2:28, and 2nd Peter 1:19-21. The Holy Spirit has spoken through Ambassador C. Edward Bull, (who is only the “Surrogate Author” of this book that was written by the Holy Spirit) to prophesy that this book will be predominantly acclaimed by the entire faithfully qualified members of the church of Lord Jesus Christ, as one of the greatest Biblical Treasures in the history of humanity! This is a prophecy from the Holy Spirit!
This historically unprecedented prophecy from the Holy Spirit is only one of three divine publishing preludes for this incredible book. The second and third preludes consist of an “Awesome Declaration” to the church of Lord Jesus Christ, and also a “Divine Invitation” from the Holy Spirit, to all preeminent Bible authorities in the church.
The following is the “Awesome Declaration” which explains exactly how you will absolutely know without any doubt that this incredible book is certainly one of the greatest “Biblical Treasures” in the history of humanity! If you are not “Wise and Prudent”, or stuck on drinking “Superficial Milk”… then with the exception of a few divinely chosen and uniquely gifted individuals … when you objectively read this book, without allowing your current Biblical knowledge or intellectual understanding to evaluate and biasly rejected it, then you will immediately know, by your “Divine Conscience” and the “ Supernatural Intuitive Power Of God’s Holy Spirit”, that every page in this incredible book is giving you the edifying blessing of absolutely knowing that you are receiving a “ Divine Treasure” of wisdom and knowledge that profoundly exceeds most of the Biblical knowledge and understanding that you currently possess on the subject that is being addressed!
However, you may not be able to immediately understand all of the divine knowledge and wisdom that you are receiving from the Holy Spirit, because you must first receive them with your heart in accordance with … Colossians 2:2-3 … and not your intellectual logical reasoning that exist in your “Natural Mind”. Nevertheless, even without immediate understanding, you will still absolutely know without any doubt, and with supernatural, intuitive, faithful. Loving, certainty, that you are receiving a great Biblical Treasure!
Remember, immediate understanding is not a prerequisite for faithful obedience. However, faithful obedience is absolutely a divine prerequisite test of your faith , {in accordance with … 2nd Corinthians 13:5 … 1st Peter 1:7-9} … for the intellectual understanding of “Spiritual Discernment” that you will receive later, after you have first faithfully received it with your heart.
Now behold; this “Divine Invitation” from the Holy Spirit to all of the world’s preeminent Bible Authorities, Theologians, Scholars, Professors, Pastors, Evangelists, Teachers, and Ministers. You are “Divinely Invited” and “Solemnly Encouraged” to step forward to faithfully stand for the glory of Lord Jesus Christ, and also the sanctified fruitful edification of His entire church!
God is calling you into His supernatural initiation of this proliferated “End Times”, “Divine Awakening” and “Spiritual Revival” in the church of Lord Jesus Christ! You can faithfully answer this divine call by objectively and unbiasly evaluating this unprecedented incredible book that was written by the Holy Spirit, as well as any one or more of the lessons that are based on it. You must do this so that you can intuitively know the truth and feel the love of God, in your heart, and not your intellectual “Natural Mind". If you past this important test of faith 2nd Corinthians 13:5 … then you will be divinely prepared and solemnly inspired to boldly declare, for the historical record, that this “Awesome Declaration”, as well as these profound “Revelations of Spiritual Discernment” from the Holy Spirit, are indeed a “Divine Unprecedented End times Revelation of Truth”, which make this book one of the greatest Biblical Treasures in the history of humanity; … or you can state that this claim is simply an exaggeration! So you decide, if it is: “The Truth”, or an “Exaggeration”!

However remember, that if you cannot past the test of faith, by evaluating this book and lessons with the agape intuitive love of faith in your heart, and not your intellectual, biased, and un-objective “Natural Mind, then in accordance with … 2nd Corinthians 13:5 … you are indeed disqualified to honestly and earnestly evaluate this divine incredible “Biblical Treasure” from the Holy Spirit!
However, if you can past The Teat Of Faith”; then this book is divinely assured to be a very valuable precious heirloom that you and your family will always treasure!

This extraordinary book is currently unpublished, but you can reserve a copy of it for yourself by ordering it in advance. The proceeds from your order and donations will be used to divinely establish this very special “Arcane Aphorism Ministry” for the glory of Lord Jesus Christ. When you submit your order, you will immediately receive {preferably by E-mail} one or more of the lessons that are based on the principles in the book, which were also written by the Holy Spirit. This lesson can be used to form a preliminary evaluate of the book, or you can wait until you receive your book, to submit your official response to this “Divine Invitation” from the Holy Spirit...
: You can submit your order for this historical unprecedented divine treasure and priceless book, which is entitled: "The Loving Intuitive Light Of Truth, Of Liberty, And Spiritual Discernment", by making a $25.00 or more donation to the “Arcane Aphorism Ministry”.
Please send your donations to:
Receiving a Biblical Treasure,
Ambassador C. Edward Bull...
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