God's Word Alive Has Just Released One of a Kind Faith Agreement Cards


God'sWord Alive has created one of a kind faith agreement cards to help Christiansuse their faith in the powerful prayer of agreement Jesus spoke about in Matthew18:19.  Matthew 18:19 Again I say unto you, That if two of youshall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall bedone for them of my

Father which is in heaven. KJV 

Because faith prayer agreements based on scriptures are the most powerfulagreements on earth, Janie Baer created these cards to help believers come intofaith agreement with the Word of God and receive what they agreed in prayer.

UsingMatthew 18:19 as the basis for her greeting cards, Janie Baer included in each faithagreement card a faith agreement aligned with the Word of God so believers usethe Word of God to come into agreement and receive divine healthcare, favor,justice of God, heaven's assistance, kingdom manifestation, glorymanifestation, kingdom financial increase, spiritual growth, peace of God,deliverance from fear, angelic assistance, God's hope, protection by the Bloodof Christ, trust in The Blessing when you have lost a job, holding onto faithand many more power packed agreements according to the Word of God. 

Believerswill be encouraged and empowered to use their faith and pray for one another asthey use the powerful Word based agreements in each card.  These faith agreement cards are available forpurchase at Janie's website, God's Word Alive.

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