Experienced Banking Expert has Financial Rescue Plan


November 18, 2014Experienced Banking Expert has Financial Rescue Plan for Struggling Non-Profits in Today's Sluggish Economy. Orlando, FL – Banking veteran John Warren announces the release of his book, “The Financial Rescue Plan for Nonprofits.” The book discusses common financial challenges experienced by nonprofit managers and board members as they navigate the challenges presented by today’s economy as well as the pressures of debt and banking relationship management. Warren presents the world of banking and finance with an insider’s look, and he explains some of the mysteries of the loan approval process from his experience as a commercial banker. The Rescue Plan features a tool kit of commonly employed strategies for addressing the challenges faced by organizations of all types and sizes.Best-selling author and president of The Christian Research Institute, Hank Hanegraaff stated; “In The Financial Rescue Plan for Nonprofits, John Warren is, in effect, calling those of us in Christian leadership to heed Solomon’s wisdom…the principles and precepts in this survival manual will re-establish the Christian enterprise you love upon a solid footing.” John Warren is a 28 year banking industry veteran. His experience includes roles as President, CEO, and Chairman of three locally owned banks and bank holding companies which were started in Orlando, Florida. Warren founded CFS Financial, a financial advisory firm which works with nonprofit and for profit companies to address debt negotiation, refinancing, financial management, banking relationship management, strategic planning, and marketing management. “The work I do with nonprofits is most rewarding, and it allows me to utilize my years of senior bank management experience to benefit companies which are engaged in very important work. Many of these companies are facing the pressure of debt maturities, strained banking relationships, and limited loan source alternatives during a time when they are challenged from a number of additional economic perspectives. It is an honor to work with these companies on the other side of the desk by utilizing my banking and financial management experience.” The book, The Financial Rescue Plan for Nonprofits is available on Amazon in paperback, and the e-book is available at www.smashwords.com. John Warren is also a frequent conference speaker, and his firm is an Affinity Partner with ACSI.ContactFor additional information, please contact John Warren directly at JWarren@CFSFinancial.net. He may be contacted by telephone at 407-257-6220. Additional information is available at www.CFSFinancial.net.

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