ELIC Impact in Tunisia Continues after Terrorist Attack


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Headline:                                ELIC Impact in Tunisia Continues afterTerrorist Attack

FortCollins, CO:  When morethan 15,000 tourists exited Sousse, Tunisia within 24 hours of the horrificbeach resort attack this June, ELIC’s summer team of teachers chose to remain. Surprisingly,their effectiveness intensified in the wake of the tragedy.

English Language Institute/China,a veteran organization in the field of English as a Foreign Language (EFL),placed two teams in Tunisia this summer. On the Monday following the attack,the families of the Sousse students told them not to bother going to schoolsince the teachers had likely left. When the school day began as usual, theELIC teachers received a standing ovation from their classes, thanking them forstaying.

And then came the questions aboutwhy they stayed and in fact, why they came in the first place. ELIC teachersgladly communicated their motivation of coming was to share words of hope andlife with those who may not have heard it before.

“We believe we are living at aphenomenal time in history,” says Tim Davis, president of ELIC. “Opportunitiesare opening to us to bring a message of life and freedom to a people who havelong suffered repression. It’s unprecedented! If this stirs your heart and yourfaith—come join us!”

For the first time in theirhistory, Tunisia’s largest population (60% under the age of 30) are interested in exploring life outside theirborders. Currently an ELIC team continues to serve in Tunisia as well as in Turkey,Lebanon, Jordan, Morocco, and Iraq.

The successful foundations that ELIC has built in Asia for35 years are today providing a fast track to Middle Eastern and North African universitiesand an open door to ELIC teachers.

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