Content Director for Network211 Publishes Unique Book of Minor Players Who Impacted Biblical Events.


Content Director for Network211 Publishes Unique Book of Minor Players Who Impacted Biblical Events.

Researcher uncovers 51 amazing background stories largely ignored by most Bible Commentaries.

SPRINGFIELD, MO, March 20, 2013 (eReleases) -- "When the Holy Spirit leads an inspired writer to record someone’s name in the Bible, there is a story of courage and tenacity; or infamy and duplicity, that we can learn from". Jim Cole-Rous published 'God's Honorable Mentions', the result of five years of research and writing about these mostly ignored people. His identification of Theophilus, in the Gospel of Luke, may affect how scholars date that Gospel.

Bible Scholars and Students will find valuable resources within this book, that will help them with understanding and communicating the motivation of these people who impacted the Biblical narrative. Here are references to people barely mentioned in the Bible; their genealogy and many fun facts you may not have known. These were real people facing the same challenges we make every day.
Over 50 minor players are presented as found in the Bible. Jim Cole-Rous looks at who they were and why they acted as they did. There is usually a story behind the story; and the author set out to find this motivating force that made them significant. Here is the story of Judas Iscariot and his father; looking at why Judas betrayed Jesus. Meet the mysterious Melchizedek, and find out why Abraham gave him such deference. This book is currently available from

The author, Jim Cole-Rous, was Ordained in 1958, and worked as a Missionary in 10 countries in Africa. He joined Network211 in December 2007 to help launch an Internet Evangelism ministry that has reached 7.5 million people in 236 countries since October 2008. He is the Director of Content for Network211, and has published over 200 articles. He is also Managing Editor of Ozarks Chapter of American Christian Writers magazine.

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