Christian Cryptocurrency - Churches and World Leaders Bullish


"Cryptocurrency for the Global Christian Community"

Christian Traders made public last week that the"CT Global Coin" Pre-sale is underway for CFRN Partners. Once all Partner orders are processed, stage 2 will be the CFRN Community at large. Stage 3 opens the pre-sale to the general public.

Initially, there was an ICO planned after the pre-sale, but according to current demand, there may be no inventory left at that point. Unlike many Cryptocurrency Coins which suffer massive dilution, Christian Traders chose a different path. Instead of minting Billions and Billions of coins, there are only 1 million CT Global Coins in existence today and forever.

From Bill Gates, to Richard Branson, to the World Bank... it is believed the adoption of cryptocurrency will help the Top 1% alleviate poverty, hunger, and sickness among the Bottom Billion. Something we may see transpire in our lifetime.

To learn more visit Christian Traders for a closer look.

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