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Title: Economic War Circle

Author: Samantha Pague

Economic War Circle encompasses the central theme of electronic theft occurring in daily life in the United States and abroad. The book starts off with the theme that professionals educated in the United States take their education and use it against their perceived enemies in the west. They come up with a master plan to destroy the electric grid in the European Union sending an Electromagnetic Pulse Bomb and seconds before the attack use a computer access program to break through the black mesh of the central banking system, and succeed stealing millions of accounts, but replacing them with hacked software that shows them to be intact.
A group of lawyers from the central banking system of the European Union insist that a militarized court of top brass military be selected for a special long term mission. Each of the top brass military is selected by his/her past record working with intelligence. United States Army Four Star General James Westover is selected to represent America in working with a brand new court that is both ran by masked top brass military agents who become honorary sworn in judges. These military judges are commissioned by the newly adopted International legal system to thwart the continued use of electronic warfare, by creating a Economic War Compound. The compound was found on a isolated island where intelligence can concentrate to find all assets purchased with the stolen currency to be confiscated by the court and where the crime was committed.

The benefits of my books address that Americans and Europeans are being scammed daily by emails, phone calls, telemarketing and banks are being hit with constant electronic hacking devices, and computer virus. The solution is to protect the public from such interference. There is not enough man power to perform such duties. The solution offered is that a war compound of top military personnel should be developed to protect electronic transmissions, and to make discovery to detect where all stolen funds were spent and confiscate the property where the crime occurred.

The feature of the book is to this date, few authors have written about an International military confiscation court to combat illegal electronic communications, emails, and demands for cash from the western nations, or its financial institutions.
The International military confiscation court is unique in the fact that each top brass military candidate are from many countries where theft occurred.

The book contains approximately 17,000 words in large print, and about 105
pages. The manuscript has been self published by Author House Publishing, September 2016.

The audience at this time is comprised of young adult men, eighteen to twenty four, that have short attention spans, graduated some college, and have been in military duty.

When on line talking to the target audience, young men are angry that they have been defrauded by Internet personalities, anything from a pretend girlfriend, to fake business deals. The author has spoken to many adult men that complain of fraud and loosing over twenty thousand dollars per incident.
The groups that show interest are those that have performed military duty, and young veterans.

At this time, it's hard to find that any author coming up with the memoirs of an American General who gets called for overseas military deployment to confiscate assets that are purchased with stolen currency in Europe. The idea of a military confiscation court barring electronic warfare, and confiscating assets purchased by stolen currency, or charging properties where the crime occurred, is most unusual.

The Author

Samantha Pague grew up in a home that honored education, Christian ideals, and was read the King James Version of the Bible daily. She graduated with an MBA degree from Trevecca Nazarene University in Nashville, TN, in 2004. She won the Phi Delta Lambda Scholastic Award in 2000.

Samantha Pague has written other novels, "Savonnerie Masterpiece" in which the novel was nominated for the Kirkus Award.

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