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The Bible is the Holy Book...

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."

The Bible is a sacred book. In addition to that, it is also full of life: love, faith and community are contents of the Bible. It also happens that Old Testament and New Testament contradict each other.

Those who have previously tried to find out things about the Bible and its interpretation on the Internet have found quite a lot of material. What has been missing is a space where the interested person can find a full range of expertise.

The registry, the American Bible Society, explains:
"The .BIBLE Top Level Domain has a vision to be the trusted online source for all things Bible and is a valuable part of American Bible Society’s mission to help 100 million people actively engage with the Bible and to open 100% of languages to Bible engagement in the next 10 years."

The "American Bible Society" continues: 
 "The .BIBLE TLD will make available .BIBLE domain names that are memorable, meaningful, and shorter to help people, organizations and communities come together online to engage with Scripture and share Bible-related content."

In addition to Faith-domains and Christmas-Domains, the Bible-Domain is the only Domain where Christians can present their beliefs prominently. The planned Catholic-Domain will probably only be a restricted domain, that only the Vatican or Catholic organizations will be able to use.

Also believers want their websites to be successful and find resonance. The Bible-Domains are a promising means to success.

The new Faith-Domains, Christmas-Domains and Bible-Domains will be new, additional networks that the domain owners can use to fish. The relationship between a better ranking in search engines and the Berlin-Domains has already been proven by a Study of Searchmetrics. Websites with Berlin-Domains often rank better in regional Google search queries than websites with .de domains and .com domains. The result of the Search Metric study can be summarized as follows:

"In 42% of search queries, .berlin domains have ranked better on a local level."

Another study by Total Websites in Houston shows that the results of the Searchmetrics study are practically transferable to all new top-level domains, which means also to the new Bible-Domains, Faith-Domains and Christmas-Domains. Total Websites states that Google considers the domain extensions of the new Top-level domains as an important criterion for the evaluation of a domain and therefore concludes that:

"It is clear that the new top-level domains improve the ranking in search engines."

Hans-Peter Oswald

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