A new search engine offers free advertising to Christian businesses in exchange for website submissions.


If you are looking for free advertising for your Christian or family oriented business, then visit www.TrueSearch.today.

www.TrueSearch.today is a new search engine that encourages the Christian Community to actively search for and support Christian and family oriented websites and businesses by

1. Offering free advertising or personal messages in the search results themselves to Christians who submit websites to TrueSearch for inclusion in search results.

2. Giving Christians free visibility whenever they write reviews of websites that show up in TrueSearch search results.

3. Giving Christians the ability to network with one another via our free TruePartner program.

Search results on TrueSearch come only from websites submitted by people who affirm acceptance of Christ Jesus as King, Lord, and Savior, and answer a few Bible questions.

If you are a Christian and small business owner, we especially encourage you to visit www.truesearch.today/TruePartnerSignup.aspx and register as a TruePartner. It is free to do so, and you will be able to create a free advertisement for your business after registering.

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