19-Year-Old Releases Book That Address Premarital Sex


Sunday Moshood, a 19-year old Christian writer, has releaseda sex enlightenment book on Amazon.com in early July 2014, titled, “Effects ofPremarital Sex (why and how you should flee from it)”- meant to deal with thecritical issue of sex before marriage.
The young Evangelist of Jesus Christ the Lord believes thatsex is not only a very important subject, but it’s also a subject that shouldbe discussed and approached properly. Sunday remarks:
“Whenever we look all around us today, we see all what sexis doing- particularly towards we young ones. You know, different things beingsaid by different people regarding sex and sexuality, has brought different thingsinto the lives of different people in different parts of the world- especiallyto we young ones. There are many excellent books regarding premarital sex- manywhich are written by experienced adults. I think adults need to also payattention to what we young ones thinks about sex before marriage. And I alsothink youths should be very interested in hearing what a fellow youth- who havehis own hormones and desires- is saying about sex before marriage.”
In a world where sex before marriage is becoming aphenomenon, Sunday believes this book should be of great help. He thinks thebook should be given attention to because of many reasons. And one of theprominent ones is because it was written by a fellow young youth, which shouldmake people see sex before marriage from a youth’s perspective. The book isSunday Moshood’s second. The first, “Gospel Notes”, is now being given freewhen demanded for via his email- sundaymoshood@yahoo.com; and can also be readon free reading platforms like wattpad.com
“The book, ‘Effects of Premarital Sex (why and how youshould flee from it)’ is now available on Amazon.com, and will soon beextending to other online channels. This book should be read by parents,adults, youths, teens, pastors, all religious leaders, educationalists, men,women, everyone.” Says Sunday.
Born on the 23rd of April 1995 in Lagos, Nigeria,Sunday is a young focused youth who loves God and is committed to serving God,despite how corrupt the world maybe.

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