Educator, Coach and Former Razorback Releases New Book on Faith, Redemption, Mercy and Grace


Football, football, football. For many years this is what drove and directed the very core of high school football coach and former Razorback Anthony Chambers’ life. On the outside everything seemed all together with football sitting front and center, but reality was yielding a much different story, the story of a colossal mess in the making.

With problems at work and the stress and strain of one challenge, setback and disappointment after another becoming much too overwhelming, Anthony Chambers’ life takes an abrupt and catastrophic spin out of control yielding tragic circumstances. In his new book The Wreck: The Tragedy That Brought Me Back To God, the educator, coach and former Razorback walks us through the series of events and circumstances which leads not only to the fight for his freedom but also to the moment he finds what’s been so blatantly missing yet abundantly needed in his life – the loving hand of God. Through this spirit filled memoir, Chambers details the heartache and hardship that lead him back to God and the reclaiming of his faith and his life. Readers will see first-hand the all too familiar pain and self-destructive whirlwind that for a time totally encompasses his life and how faith and God’s abundant and amazing grace forever changes the trajectory of it all.

This is the story of one man’s life forever changed by God’s mercy and unwavering grace and a reminder that no matter how far we fall or how deep and wide the barriers before us, there’s nothing that faith, prayer and spiritual restoration can’t overcome.

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About the Author:

Anthony Chambers is a native of Little Rock, Arkansas. He received his Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Arkansas where he was a member of the Arkansas Razorbacks football team. A member of Agape Church and an educator and coach with the Little Rock School District, Coach Chambers resides in his hometown of Little Rock with his wife attorney Tonya Floyd Chambers and children, Adrianne and Anthony Jr.

Keywords: Coach, football, forgiveness, faith, mercy, grace, God, redemption

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